Friday, February 27, 2009

Catching up on Random Pics

Here is my Grandma Harding, I thought that I snapped one with my Grandpa too but I can't find it! Sorry Gramps. Any how, They drove up from St. George to see the family and mainly Desi and her babies before they went back to Michigan. I love my grandparents! They are such amazing people. I always learn so much from their wisdom and happy nature! This is Jack and their dog Scruffy. Jack is the funniest little boy. He LOVES dogs. If they bark then he laughs and laughs, unlike my kids who bawl. Jack chases and snuggles with the dogs. And apparently the dogs love him too.
Here is a picture of Jack and My dad, thought that I would throw that in for good times! Oh yes and below is a beautiful picture of princess Sydney! She received a perm while she was here! haha! So her and Addison have boing- boings together! We lOVE SyDnEy!

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Desarae said...

Love that picture of Grandma and Bryce- REALLY Love it.
You are so sweet to put that stuff up of us! We love you lots, miss you tons too!!