Friday, February 6, 2009

Bryce + Addi = BFF

Bryce is getting so BIG and I have felt guilt not taking as many pictures of him so far as I have of Addison~ So I went picture happy today! Bryce is 6 months old now and rolling over and standing with help finally! Addison is so cute with Bryce. She entertains him so well and he just giggles at her! Most of the time he just lays there and watches her go crazy. It is just so fun for me to watch them and imagine how much fun they are going to have as they get older together.

Addison trying to hold Bryce... she instantly said, "no he's too big!"

You can just see the mischief in Bryce's face. Addison has got a lot to look forward too!

And there he goes!
I LoVe his chubby little thighs. I think that is just about the only really rolly think on him~ other than that he is just thick!

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Anonymous said...

He is so cute! They grow up too fast.