Friday, January 30, 2009

CHICHI what?

SO. I have started a blog so that I can sell my nursing covers. I always have people asking to buy them or to make on for this or that friend.. which I love... and Everyone really seems to like them and are really happy with it... SOO I have started a blog. A blog to sell them! And I also and going to have guest sellers.. I am already arranging to have a Girl who makes these way cute dollies out in Michigan sell on there. So check it out and leave comments of what you think! It is a work in progress so be honest so that I can be successful! If I have ever given you a nursing cover or you just want to help me out would you add it to your blog to help get the word out! (and they are 10 times cheaper than in the store, ebay, or name brand online!) Thanks for your support! Let me know what you think on that blog!


Des said...

They are AWESOME. and yeah I need one to take home with me... I have a friend having a baby!! I'll choose the one out there if that is ok, let me know.
Also...check your nielz dealz picture. and my blog :)
Love you!

The Fraker's Acres said...

Hi Aubrey! It's Mellissa from Michigan. Thanks SO much for helping with my little doll adventure. I am going to spread the chichi word here like fire! If anyone asks about the dolls or you want to link a picture on your blog, I think it should go to my shop at Thanks SO much!!!

Isaak and Jackie said...

Aubrey, those covers are heaven I am so happy that you've decided to make and sale them. I will definitely purchase a couple when we get back. Some idea for the blog: pictures showing exactly how the cover works, I think you described it well but I am a visual person. Congrats on being inventive.