Monday, April 21, 2008

Thank you too all!

I have to give a BIG thank you to all of you sweethearts out there with the incredible memories that remembered by birthday! I know that as the years pass and we meet new and more people, it is hard to keep up with everything, but I am just amazed at some peoples memories! It made me feel very special! so Thank you!
.. now this isn't to say that the rest of you forgot, because 95% percent of the time I am the forgetful one or the one to busy to call or whatever excuse, so its okay, friendships are more important! and I am not the person to point fingers, I forgot my own husbands birthday many years ago! Given we weren't married yet and just dating, but he won't let me forget the flaw!
Thanks though to every one out there! Your thoughtfulness means a lot to me, especially now when I have basically no social life because of school, is it nice to know that friends are still there!


The Hemming's said...

So I feel like the biggest loser friend ever! I usually remember everybody's birthday. Being pregnant has not helped my memory. I can't imagine what will happen to it with each kid. By the time I am done having kids, I will probably have a mush brain.Anyways, I guess that it didn't help that I was in the Hospital yesterday(everything is fine). I Hope you had a great Birthday! Thanks for being my friend!We sure will miss you guys when you leave in a couple weeks.Let me know if you need any help, like if you want Addi to come play while you pack or anything.

Lara said...

Congrats on your graduation!!! I'm so happy for you! Now rest your dang tired body!!! :) Love you!

Lara said...

Happy Mothers Day hotts!!