Thursday, January 10, 2008


So I know that I am terrible about updating, and I have no excuses . (You should see my journal, I have like 4 month gaps!) So I am rewinding back a little bit to catch up on a few things that we have done in the past couple of months. First off... Addison is hallarious. She gets busier everyday it seems. Some days she just collapses of exhaustion... as she did this day. What is funny though is that she love to have her popcorn and dink as she calls them to watch her little cartoons or 'elmo' which translated is nemo. We just love her.
This picture was taken at Thanksgiving~yes I said that I was rewinding! On the left is my dad's sister Karen and her Hubby Chad and their tweeny who is a bundle of energy Katie. You can see my dad's parents Ralph and Ray in the Background and the rest of my fam. We had a good time at my moms house and a yummy thanksgiving.
So it tis true! I am preggo yet again! Addi doesn't seem to excited here but truly she loves her baby dolls and talks about a baby being inside mommy's tummy so I think that we are okay. What is funny though is that a week before Thanksgiving I swore I was preggo just because of the funny stuff the body starts to do but my test was negative. I was surprised at how disappointed I was to find out I wasn't pregnant. But there really was no need to fret, because low and behold~ it was a false negative! We expecting on Aug. 7th!

My lovely grandparents again The Hardings.

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CwazyLawa said...

YAY!!! Hope you're feeling well!