Sunday, October 23, 2011

Little things

I can not believe October is almost over. Blows my mind people. I think that with Addison having started school and just being so busy all the time the days are flying by. It makes me so sad too because my little munchkin'lin  is already 6 MonTHs! and what a little cute bunch he is. .. But before I jibber jabber about him, I GUESS should mention a few things about my other children.

Bryce is doing awesome in his speech therapy. I feel like it has just given him more confidence to just try speaking. AND come to find out, I've been trying to get the words out of him all wrong anyway. Screwing up my kid. ;) His is speaking so much more than he was even a few weeks ago. It is so fun too because I am feel like I am finally starting to get to know him. Hearing him put his thoughts into words is helping me understand how that little mind of his is working.. which is difficult with him. We are so opposite. He is shy and bashful. and Quiet. I might have a dash of each of those but they are more like occasional moods, not my personality.

Addi on the other hand I know what she is about to do a day in advance! She is my little mini-me. And she tries to be too, copying the phrases I say putting on my make-up. She has such a little tender heart. She loves her little brothers.I hear these phrases each a few times a day.  "I just can't stop kissing him mom!", " I just want to pinch his bummie" "Crew is just stinkin cute", and "You know what my favorite thing about Crew is mom? His bum."

I can't blame her. We are so in love with this little man. He is a happy-hyper little man for only 6 months. I am kinda nervous to meet the 2 year old Crew!
He Loves looking at himself in the mirror. Just like his pops.
He is so alert and aware of his surroundings. If someone across the room talks he cranks his neck around to see. Addison and Bryce just love to entertain him and make the biggest scene just to get a little smile out of him. They are a sweet little group to watch. Crew just sits there and giggles and smiles at his buddies.
We have our little bedtime routine of cereal, bath and singing songs in bed. His favorite part is the songs. Particularly the birdie song. "Up, up in the sky.. Where the little birdie flys.."
He is sucking his toes, rolling all around and sitting up on his own for a few seconds. And sit just a petite little guy. I love having a small baby. Bryce was such a big baby he seemed to leave that tiny precious stage faster. Crew being small makes it seem to linger a little and he is lighter to carry around. Loving that aspect.
Loving every little aspect of life right now. Busy busy running kids to school and therapy and play dates and groceries! Books, running groups, working, cleaning and all the other small stuff in between. A bunch of busy-ness. All so fun and happy and  at the end of the day, I am wiped out! Its a good life~ but 3 kids and school has officially made me feel like a mom.


shellysanford said...

your little family is growing and is so cute!

The Shelton Family said...

I really can't get over how cute he is!! We miss you guys so much:(

Tucker's said...

An Amazing mom at that! :)Thanks for being my inspiration!

royce and aubree said...

your kids are beautiful! i can't believe how big crew is i can't wait to see him in a month! miss you guys