Sunday, September 11, 2011

I dont know how I feel.

I don't know how I feel about.. Kindergarten that is. But I also feel that what I think doesn't really matter.. school schedules, early bedtimes, leaving my kids, homework, packing lunches, picture days, sick days, and everything else in between is going to be my life for the next well? 20 years atleast?! So why fight it? I really just miss being able to have a relaxed schedule with the kids. But like I said.. not much I can do about it.

okay my whining is over..

On the flip side... Addison is just LOVING kindergarten!! Making me so much more happy for her! She has been going for 2 weeks now and has so many new little buddies. She comes home singing new songs and telling me the drama about recess and how "the boy wanted to play with the soccer ball but there was only 1 and her friend said he couldn't play!"

Her teacher is so cute, always complimenting Addi on how well behaved she is and eager to learn. Which is so true. Addison is a people pleaser... she'll do anything to make you feel good and smile. Just like her Dad.

I am not the only one that had a hard time with Addison leaving....

Bryce cried and cried on the first day we left her. For one he wanted to stay at the fun class and playground. Two he didn't want to leave Addison. The first week when we got home he would just sit with me. It was so quiet. A definite absence in the home having Addi gone. It has been really good for me and him to have some 1 on 1 time.. well 1.5 on 1 time. Bryce needs a lot of attention and now it will be that much easier to fulfill with a little quite time we can share.

 This is her Rapunzel backpack and Hello Kitty Lunch box. School shopping was probably my favorite part of all this! 

There have been a few interesting things we've learned about going to school here in Cali...

  • It cost like $600 every 6 months to ride a bus to school
  • All the school rooms open to the outside.. they even have their backpack hooks outside.
  • Addison is not allowed to wear open toe shoes... or open heels. 
  • They eat lunch outside.
  • The kindergarten rooms have a separate playground that is entirely fenced off and connected to their rooms so they never leave that little area. 
  • If your school is made up of mostly Korean's you are going to a smart school.. like my sisters
Alot of the elementary schools are painted with fun murals. Addison was alilttle hyper after her first day :)

This was a few minutes after we picked her up.. I don't think I have ever seen so many facial expressions in one conversation..

She was EXCITED!!

In other news.. me and crew are snuggling tons. He is 4.5 months now!! Crazy how time goes by so fast! 
And I am starting to fit into my old clothes.. this is the 3rd time I've had to lose that stupid pregnancy weight. I hate it. and it probably won't be the last. Joys of child bearing ;)

His latest thing is sucking on his fingers and toes. He LOVES his bouncer chair. He can get some air in that thing! I have a feeling he is going to be a crazy toodler.. happy! but crazy. He has energy already.

Bryce is starting speech therapy.. we call it "his school." This has helped him feel not so left out when Addison leaves. We have been playing with Desi and her lovely family. So much fun to have her around! We cook for each other alot and swap babysitting. I just feel like so much more comfortable with life in general having family close. 

Brandon is doing very well in school. His is in his 3rd year! We are going to be choosing our rotation picks soon! We were lucky enough to get a high pick but will probably stay here in California. Its just to hard to move around with 3 kids. {Rotations are for the 4th year.. every 3 months they work at a different site and they are all over the nation~ including Hawaii and even some in Japan}

 Addison was playing photographer.. she took this one of Brandon and was creative enough to take a pic in the mirror! Pretty good for a 5 year old! 

 Addison and Bryce really just enjoy each other.. such cute little buddies. No wonder Bryce had such a hard time when she left.
 Another day of school.. for Brandon and Addison. Brandon has all these suit cases full of lenses and equipment he has to take with him for clinic.
 Such as sweet little girl. He's pretty cute too I guess ;)

And I have gone back to work in the ER. Only once every other week. I don't know if you can call it working? My boss and manager are just awesome. Seriously some good women that I work for and they totally get the demands of home yet the crunch of bills and debt. They have been so flexible to let me work so little yet keep me on so that I can keep my license current and still be there for my family. Things are going really well. I feel really blessed. 


Jivin' Johnson's said...

Kindergarten, oh WOW! she looks so cute!! I love all the faces after the first day! :) You definitely are lucky to have a job that allows you to work your own schedule.

Kristi M. said...

I am also mixed about kindergarten and most of it is the schedule too. I feel somewhat tied down because of the stinkin' thing and it is something that I am so not used to. Like being on the computer this late, I keep thinking I better get to bed because I need to get up early with Gunnar but I really don't want to. Any other non school day I wouldn't even think about it. However the excitement that Gunnar usually has for kindergarten is all worth it and I better get used to it because I have years of this. I can't even imagine managing multi children's school schedules. We are certainly entering a new phase in our lives.

Aubrey said...

beautiful post. It's so good to see an update of your little family, we miss you guys. Addi's so cute, and I can't believe Crew is 4.5 months!! We are approaching Kate's 1st bday...crazy! So glad things are going well, you're such a cute mom of one in school :)

Kurt and Michelle said...

Your kids are just so darling, looks like you guys are doing really well, it is always fun to see an update:)

The Whipples said...

Cute fam! Where did you get Addie's pink shoes? Those would be perfect for an upcoming family thing

The Shelton Family said...

So cute...looks like a lot of fun. Love all your pictures!

Lindsay said...

we love addi - so grateful that she and Jordyn have become fast friends! :)