Sunday, April 11, 2010

To each their own...

A few big days have happened here at the Nielsen abode. One for me and one for Brandon. We are both such proud spouses!  

First of all Brandon worked so hard for the ENTIRE month of March to Grow a Mustache. His Optometry school does Mustache March where all the guys compete to grow out the ultimate mustache. Some don't compete but just join the fun. At the end of the month they have a little party and judge the staches. 

As you can imagine the month was filled with endless jokes about "staches." Brandon's stache soon became another child in our home that required grooming and attention. It was His "ssTaaachhe." 

Frankly he didn't get many kisses from me.
Brandon's scheme was "The Bowling Alley Creeper" aka Stan. 
Yes I realize that he looks like a pedophile.

And the awards!! Oldly enough there was an award for the Biggest Creeper and yours truly won! ha!
The awards were for "Weak Sauce". {The weak sauce's nickname was Catfish. Ha! He really looks like one!} Manliest Man of All ManKind {nickname WhiteGold} and The Creeper {The bowling Alley Creeper}.
Here are the proud wives! {Krystal Pfau, Me, Shunae Shelton, and Erin Neville)
Here are the Mormon Buddies..Brandon, Brett Mower {his was actually very impressive.. truck stop something}, Paul Neville, Zak Pfau {the Hurley stache}, and Travis Shelton. 

I am glad March is over and the stache is gone!

Now for my big day. Me and my buddy Erin the (Proud wife of white gold featured above) ran in a 5k race this weekend at Seal Beach! It was a blast! If you have never done a race before find a local 5k and do it. The energy is just so fun. At this particular race there was over 4,700 runners! Ridiculous! And it felt as crowded as it sounds. It was next to the beach and pretty cold but just right for running.

In the middle of the anxious mass! 
Erin and I both accomplished our goals and set PRs. (really I've never done just a 5k race but I am way happy with my time{24:15} not being a running guru.) In my age group I placed 9th out of 90! Isn't that cool?! And Erin kicked some booty with a 23 something time and 5th in her age group out of 154! So awesome. Totally worth all those early morning runs. 
{The arrow is conveniently pointing at my head.}
Here are the running mommies. 
The CheerLeader Daddies.. stach-less might I add. 
We ended up staying and playing a bit at the beach all bundled up, and completely wore out the kids! Fun Times. 


Jivin' Johnson's said...

The nice thing about Cali, it's always good weather for a run! The creeper stach is nasty! He would have gotten my vote! :)

des said...

haha, that is hilarious. you had me cracking up with all the stache pics and jokes. I bet your glad it is over, but it had to have been pretty entertaining. I can't believe those staches. They are great, pretty impressive.

I love all your pictures. They are so fun. CONGRATS on your running. You are a good runner, always have been. I admire you for that.
and hey, where did you get that shirt for running. I LOVE it and want one. is it a work out shirt or cotton shirt. cute skirt too. you just good lookin all around. k, I'll shut up now

The Nielsen Clan said...

i got it at a Reebok outlet down here for like 12 bucks! it is a work out skirt with the nice soft dry material, Erin was wearing one too.. the have little shorts under them. Very comfy.