Sunday, April 4, 2010


Holy Shenanigans!

A few weeks ago I thought it was scary when my house suddenly shook and awoke me around 3 am. But that was a few seconds. Intense and rattly but short. Today's earthquake scared me to death! Wow. And I am new to this whole earth quake thing. But my fellow Cali natives freaked out as much or more than I did. I happened to be at work charting at my computer when something rumbled. It is weird that I heard it first then start to feel it. Being inside a 5-6 story building doesn't calm the nerves. All I could think about as the hanging lights shook was how many floors would they have to dig through to find me!

Seriously though, this was a loooonnnngg earthquake. Just as it started, it faded, then got stronger and stronger. Even the Drs I was sitting by started motioning towards the door to RUN! I always thought people were crazy that they felt motion sick after or queasy. And honestly I did feel sick afterward. Probably a combination of adrenaline, panic, the walls and everything moving around you and just fear that results in the yucky feelings.

I couldn't help but think that the hospital was the last place I would want to be in a natural disaster as a Nurse. Why? Because I would be STUCK there. They would make you stay and help with the influx of tramas.Also, what am I supposed to do about my 250lb slug a patient who can't walk? Carry her down 3 flights of stairs and out of a building that might collapse in a matter of seconds? I know that sounds terrible and selfish, and yes it is. Am I terrible?

Naturally my first instinct was hoping my children and husband were okay.My stomach turned a little until Brandon finally answered the phone with a " Woah! did you feel that!/ Hah! it was Crazy!" Typical. Anyhow. We are all safe for now in Quaky Cali. And I have a finally resolve that my 72 hour kits are going to be finished this week!!


Jivin' Johnson's said...

All those earthquake drills in school and I think I'd still freak-- I love when you are in the position that you should be clam for others around you, and yet your still freaking out inside! Next time you'll be just a little more prepared for the event...Good idea finishing the 72 hour kits ;)

Kristi said...

we didn't feel it and we freaked out when we were in our backyard and our pool started to get big waves in it. We were like what the heck is going on, it pretty much flooded our back yard. Hope our new sod can handle chlorine water. I hate earthquakes.

des said...

Werid. I'm so glad you posted about it. All those thoughts and the things going on around you. Its a cool story although pretty scary. I"m gald nothing happened to you and your 6 story building.

And I don't think it is selfish if you did carry your huge patient down. I know you, you would help who you could. but you also have your family to take care of, and we would all be devastated if we lost you too. So you saving yourself is also you saving your family from a lot too.

Isaak and Jackie said...

I am so glad that you guys are doing well and are safe. I would freak out also, I am half way done with my 72 hour kits also, what do you have left just fishing for tips.

Anonymous said...

That's a good Idea for a post.. maybe I will do that later today.. and nurse friend of mine gave me a great list for a homemade first aid kit! I will share when I get a chance!!

Arcadia said...

stumbled on your post... holy cow! i've always been afraid of thunderstorms and earthquakes. i'd rather face a thunderstorm though.

i live in nyc, so i never worry about quakes over here. but we've been advised for months following hurricane katrina to have go-bags. i need to get mine ready.

Thanks for posting!

Melody said...

Pretty crazy! I would love to hear your tips/ideas on a 72 hour kit, too.