Monday, December 14, 2009


are these just dainty?!?! on the name to see more!

Kids Christmas Gifts I Spy ::       

Awesomely adorble head bands::

Festive Ties, skirts and Bags::

Sassy Nursing Covers::


Need a Photographer?! She awesome:: 

Beautiful Baby Bands!::

ALL home Made with LOVE by some fun friends i love


Kristin said...

Aub you are so sweet! Thank you for the plug! And your nursing covers are so fun!! I love the new pockets and the cute flowers on them. Good work! Miss you Aub! Are you coming home for Christmas? If so let's do lunch or something!

Lara said...

Thanks for the diggs, Facebreath! (J calls me that sometimes and believe it or not that is considered a term of endearment to him.)
I love your nursing covers too.. if I didn't have 2 already i'd hop on that for SURE! (yours are so much cuter!)
I also love kristins pics and desi's ties and katie's baby bows. And I'm jealous that none of them had to model their own stuff .. it gets quite embarrassing.
Anyway, I hope you sell a ton of covers. I wouldn't be surprised- they are great!

Hannah said...

Thanks for the plu Aub! Are you selling your chichi covers again, because if so I'll give you a shout out on my blog!!! I may also order some from you this spring b/c I have two cousins having babies! (and two friends)


The Nielsen Clan said...

yes, I still sell them, just custom orders though. I'd rather just make them how people want them then guess! It works out well that way for these. Let me know any time!