Friday, April 17, 2009

Weird Kids

Addison and Bryce are just too peas in a pod. Bryce loves his big sister Addison and just giggles when she come around. Not surprisingly, Addison is more afraid of Bryce than he is of her. He is always grabbing her hair, biting her fingers and attacking her head with pats and kisses. But she still loves him. This was one of their little activities that they played together one day. Bryce's butt was stuck in the stroller.. that is why he never fell out! Yes folks, he is huge. Notice the angle of her body as she struggles to push something only 1/4 less of her size. Bryce picked up a toy for the ride. He had a great time and Addi got a work out! This stage of our family is so much fun! We are blessed!


Desarae said...

hahaha I love the post, funny pictures. you always post both funny and beautiful pictures.It's nice, I get bored of the same ol "beautiful kids" pictures. not that the pictures are Ugly they just arent all perfect and professional- you know. am I digging a hole. you just have a entertaining blog too- your comments and humor is great.
They are so cute. Thats awesome they play so well together- what a good little hearts they have- love each other so much already.

Ben and Krystle said...

I was going to say Bryce looks almost the same size as addison they could probably wear the same clothes?? I hope you and your family are doing well. When do you guys move to Cali?? My sister and her family might be moving to twin. To bad you guys are leaving. Talk to you soon

Hannah said...

that's so cute! Bryce looks way older than he is! Isn't fun that they play so well together? I think Brady and Olivia are going to have a really sweet relationship too