Tuesday, April 7, 2009

heres whats been going down...

1. Bryce Has 2 teeth and is crawling!!
2. We bought a jogging/bike stroller.. mamas got to get in shape some how!3.Brandon has new glasses.
4. Addison Loves to be outside~ namely playing at the 'slides'

Yes Bryce is Crawling !! but right now he is still troubleshooting his technique. He frequently backs up into things and gets himself stuck into a corner.

gooberThis is our New Bike/Jogger Stoller and it is AWESOME! Why?
a. it is a double stroller

b. it has cup holders
c. it has seat belts

d. it has pockets for the kids
e. it hooks up to a bike

f. EASY to Jog with, tried it today..
the only reason why I was sucking air
because I am out of shape.
g. ventilation and rain Gard for crazy IdaHo weather.
h. It was on SALE

i. The KIDS love It!
j. excuse to Go and Excersize
k. It was on Sale!
l. The kids LOVE it.

m. I love It!

These are Brando's new Glasses on Bryce. I think that he likes to wear them, most babies would grab them off there face but Bryce giggles!


Isaak and Jackie said...

what fun sounds like the stroller was a great buy where did you find it? What a handsome family!

Robert and Hannah said...

They are so cute! I love Bryce with the glasses. Faith is always trying to get someones glasses.

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

your kids are so cute Aub! Where did you get your stroller. I have being looking for one that is cheap! Because I too need to get in shape. That is great that you got one! How do your kids do in it? do they just sit and watch or are they trying to get out the whole time? Yeah for spring coming ... Addison can play on the slides much more! Love ya!

Harding Family said...

I'm jealous of your crazy Idaho weather. I think I have decided I would take warm and windy over freezing cold. ug. we have yet to go outside in a skirt :)
Those pictures are so cute! although some of them won't show up. I have reloaded a couple of time :( do they all show up on your page? I'll keep trying. I want to se pics of the stroller and Bryce crawling.We miss you guys and your adorable kids. They seriously are beautiful.

The Nielsen Clan said...

Okay.. so I bought the stroller from Target Online. And the kids love it. They will sit in it and just watch the scenery, eat their snacks and play with the toys we throw in the stroller. And Des, I'll try to reload the pictures. There were showing up at first but now they aren't. I don't know what happened there. I have to work tomorrow and am exhausted tonight and don't have the patience for computers so hopefully Friday I'll fix it!

Kristi M. said...

That first picture is super cute! Bike trailers are so much fun!

angie said...

such a cute family! brandon love the new glasses...they make you look so smart...hahaha.