Wednesday, November 12, 2008

being crafty

Brandon and I have been a little crafty lately! above is a plant pot I panted, vinyl lettering I used to dress up a mirror, a nursing cover, and a picture board for the kids room!

A friend of mine has a booth at a craft fair in Pocatello and offered to sell some stuff for us. I made a bunch of nursing covers for it
(more than pictured) and Brandon went beanie crazy! Yes my friends, my husband can even crochet a flower!

Kind of fUn!


The Whipples said...

Those are way cute beanies. I too made a bunch of those nursing covers for me and for friends. They are so easy and work great.

Stafford Family said...

you go girl way to share your talents. So was the fair a success in getting money? I love your ideas and I want to know how you did the picture board.

Kristi M. said...

Wow! A crafty guy...pretty impressive. So how did you do?