Monday, October 20, 2008

2.5 months!! and growing!

He is getting so big!! We love him!!


Jonathan- Bree said...

I cant believe how big he is. I feel like I looked at your blog 2 days ago and you just had him! Crazy Love the hair by the way. I have about 20 friends who have cut their hair just like that. I think it is a mom thing. I just wish mine could fit in a pony tail.

Jackie and Ike Stafford said...

what a beautiful family thanks for sharing. Those first smiles and giggles are the best

Nate, Des, Sydney, Jack said...

he is so cute. I'm so happy you put the movie up. Really stinks andy can't see them eh. really stinks.
wish soooo bad I could hold him and play with him. it makes me sad. oh and I love the post below too. with Bryce's funny picture.
also- you should email the aunt sand grandparents, I know it is annoying but everytime they tell me to keep doing it- it is the only time they check the blogs, when I email them. and they would love to see you guys!!!
keep posting, helps me miss you less...and more at the same time. haha

Shane and Amy Jo said...

BeeJae cuts my hair too!!! I started going to her about 2 years ago...LOVE her! In fact, she's cutting mine on Friday. Anytime I'm in Twin I try to get it done.

The book that I followed is "Becoming Babywise." It has done miracles for us! I have my boys on a great schedule...the same schedule and they sleep like champs and have since about 4 months of age. It helped me a ton but it's not for everyone. I'm always afraid to recommend it just because I know that some don't agree with it. I've let my boys cry a little and some Mom's are really against that. So, check it out. You can take what you like from it and make it work for you and your family.

Hope it helps. I think getting your kids on a good schedule is really hard but I think it defintely pays off in the end. You'll have to let me know how it goes.