Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And They're Gone! ALL of them...

(I know that this happen well almost a month ago but.. I am planning on making my blog into a book some day so I want to include the important memories ... and writing more about them even if they are old or boring! )

So August 17th was a big day for the Harding family~ we took Andy to the MTC!! and then Desi and her chicklets to the airport to head off for Michigan! It was a very sad day.. and then the next day Brock who just returned from the Dominican Republic the previous month left for Vancouver, WA were he is going to play b-ball for Clark Community College!! The only one left at home is Connor and I know that he is eating up the freedom and space.

I had never been to the MTC before so this was a new experience for me! It was kind of neat. I don't think that I have ever seen so many 'missionaries' in one place at one time! Kind of neat! I was very sad though the exiting portion of Missionaries exit here~ Families exit here. Brock even cried. He sad that he never understood why everyone said it was so said until then.

I thought this was a great picture of my Dad and Andy together. They actually look a lot a like here.

What ever one girl does the other one has to do! They are BFF.

Jack rarely kisses anyone.. But he loves his cousins!! and they love him.. despite Bryce's expression he really was happy at that moment!

The airport was so sad! Not that leaving Andy wasn't sad.. we cried there too but those were happy get out of here tears!! For Desi, we are really happy for their family but it will probably be about four years before they really are back if they are able to make it back! And the kids will be so different and we just don't want them to leave!! Nate had to leave about a month before to start school. It was good for Syd and Jack to get back to their daddy, but we will just miss them so much!!

Red eyes all around!

I had never seen my Dad cry until this day. It was actually really neat to see. We were all in a group saying love yous and goodbyes and I saw my Dad kind of step back turn around and lean on a table. I went over to give him a hug and sure enough there were big alligator tears coming down. We have some great parents
that really love us! Sydney stood at the gate and waved goodbye! It broke our hearts! Then Addison took of running after her saying Sydney! Sydney! I want Sydney! That made more tears come!
Even their dollies had to kiss goodbye!

They are doing good in Michigan. Nate likes law school and Desi has made her apartment a cute little home! We just miss them like crazy! Addison still asks to go to "Sinnees house" But then she says, "no shes in missionan huh."

So yes Desi, Nate, Syd, Jack, Brock and Andy are gone for now! Twin just is not the same with out them!


Jackie and Ike Stafford said...

Goodbyes are never any fun and I am sorry that you had to say so many at one time. Life without family around is just not as fulfilling but you learn to make the most with what you've got. Great pictures and sweet memories

Ben and Krystle said...

Wow!! Just as soon as you get to twin and your brother is home from his mission the other one leaves and so does everyone else. I am sorry that everyone is gone but it is probably for the better Nate is off at school getter an education and so is your other brother. That is kinda exciting for everyone. Everyone is just growing up and getting on with their own lifes I guess that is what happends when you get old. I MISS you a ton give me a call some time. Krystle