Monday, September 1, 2008

Twin Has A TEMPLE!!

Last weekend was the dedication of the Twin Falls Temple. Crazy hugh! Twin has a Temple! I still remember when I was playing volleyball for Walla Walla CC, I had to miss conference the weekend it was annouced for a tournament. When I attended our singles ward FHE, someone told me about it and I wouldn't believe them. After about an hour of everyone telling me that it was true, I finally believed them and almost started bawling! I was so excited and now it is here!!
What an incredible weekend it was. It started off with the cultural celebration where the youth of the community put on a production of what the area is all about. Of course ours included the canyon, the falls, wind, pilgrims, and potatoes. The theme was the Living Waters~ symbolic of both the gospel of Christ and our beautiful Snake River Canyon and Falls. One of the best parts of the celebration is that it is for the Prophet and the other attendign authorities. President Monson came along with Elder Eyring. That was awesome to see President Monsons personality. He was very personable and spoke mainly to the youth. He was full of jokes and proclaimed that his favorite color was Yellow because it was a happy color!

Monson and Eyring

Jazzlyn Front and Center!

Because both mine and Brandon's parents were helping to put on the production we were lucky enough to get tickect. Andy, Connor and Jazzlyn were in the performance. We had a great time. Addison, Sydney, and Kayla were facinated!

Andy and Connor are in this group somewhere.
I think that there were over 3000 youth that participated... this picture only shows maybe half of the group.

Then on Sunday was the actual dedication. We were again blessed to get tickets to be able to actually sit inside the temple during one of the sessions! It was a very memorable weekend, that was one in a lifetime experience!

These are some cool links about the Temple:

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Orton Family said...

Wow! This looks like it was such a neat weekend! The dancing looks so fun! We were able to participate in the dedication up here but We are so glad you got to be there for everything and for the prophet! Thanks for sharing!