Monday, July 28, 2008

Family Pictures

I always seem to amaze myself how when I am writing and email or trying to update my blog.. I know how to find just the write button to make everything POOF! disappear and this isn't word so there is no undo button. I am great at that and I just did it! Just goes to show one of the many reasons that I am not the most avid blogger! little patience I guess.

But one even funnier thing is that posting below with the funky picture of Brandon... well Brandon likes to goof around as many of you know. So we have hundreds more pictures just like this one that he is very proud of. What cracks me up is that HE posted that picture. Then he tried to make it sound like I posted it about him!! HAHA!! he is so weird sometimes it makes me laugh!!

Well the slide show below is of some family pictures that my dear friend Kristin Sanchez took of us a few weeks ago! She did such an awesome job, I am having a hard time deciding what to hang up in our living room. Des and Nate were there to and have a bunch of great pics on their blog.

Addi and Sydney recently had gone to a princess dance came Brandon's family business put on and just love to prance around in their little tootoos (sp?)

Like I said this was a couple of weeks ago so believe it or not.. I am about twice as big right now and ten times more swollen! I am due Aug 6th but don't be surprised if I have a baby tonight. I have had tonz of painful contractions and am already 1+ dilated so this little guy is just around the corner! YAY and YIKES!

Let me know what is your favorite family pic! Thanks


The Hemming's said...

I LOVE YOUR Pics! I was so glad to see pics of you and to see how you had grown. We sure miss you guys. Good luck with the baby. The second time going through labor was a lot easier than the first for me so I hope it is that way for you too. We will be in Twin August 18th I think so if you want to get together we would love it! Hope all is well. Be sure to put up pics asap of your little boy when he comes.

Nate, Des, Sydney, & Jack said...

it is so hard to choose a favorite. I really love the one of addi huging your belly and the light is shining through your hair. there are so many good ones.
oh btw I totally guessed that brandon did that one! haha you guys are funny.
love ya!

Chad and Angie Ivie said...

Aubrey, you asked which of the pics we like best...I must say the pics of Addie are adorable, but the best one is when Brando is behind you kissing your cheek...and holding that ball that you have stuffed up your shirt. lol