Saturday, April 12, 2008

Poof Head!

Today, being Saturday I had sometime to get Addison ready for the day and started to play with her hair! normally I, well Brandon because I'm at school, just lets her hair air dry and it becomes a little curly at the bottom and then pretty flat. Well, today I started to put a little sprunch spray in her hair when it was still damp and it just kept getting curlier and curlier! So I got the defuser on my blow drier out and defused it so that it would dry fast and stay! And the result was a poofy head! It was so cute! I had know idea her hair would get that curly!

In the first picture below, she was laying down with her legs crossed talking to the baby on the diapers box. She sat there for probably 10 mins. I think that she has a big imagination because she'll go off in her own little world for a long time and blabber to her self and toys. It is cute.

This is her fake smile....

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Jivin' Johnson's said...

Oh my goodness, her hair is so cute all curly! :) I hope that my kids get curls!!