Thursday, January 10, 2008


Amazingly this Christmas I seemed to keep my camera tucked in the diaper bag! These are the only pictures that I took! Addi vigilantly helped me decorated our humble tree, and we made a mess in the process! She also enjoyed running around with the reindeer ears on! She is smiling for the camera here not sneezing! What a weirdo!

Addi also had her first taste of snow this week after it blanketed Idaho! She tried to help Brandon roll a big ball for a snowman and feel face first into the snow! It was so funny, I think that the sheer cold freaked her out! She got back on the horse though and continued to stay outside... walking very slowly though! I loved that top picture of Brandon and Addi walking away just out front of our apartment. That is ACI in the distance or properly now C of I!


Anonymous said...

Hey there you guys. You look like you are doing so well. That is great. It has been too long. Congratulations on the baby and good luck with school.


Nate, Des & Sydney said...

I like the new blog!!!! It is so colorful and pretty, I went to mine afterwards and it just seemed dull. I need you to fix my pictures at the top??? oh and you put the big news so far down!!!! You should post it at the top! I love all the pictures-do you think you can upload them for me?
Call you lata!

Kristi said...

Hi! This is Kristi from the ward. I hope you don't mind me reading this. I found it on Emily's blog. It is so fun to get to know people better through blogs. We too have one at

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

Aub I love the new blog! It is so cute! I am glad you got it to work for you. And cute pics of Addison! It was great seeing you! I heard Desi had her little one! Tell her congrats! If you are going to Twin I will be ther like the 27th of Jan through the 2nd. Call me! Love ya!

Shauna said...


Katee Bake just found my blog and so I checked yours out. We have the exact same wallpaper except mine is blue(great minds think alike!) I love seeing pics of Addi and hearing whats going on with you guys.

Nate, Des Sydney & Jack said...


Lara said...

Can I have an update from my dearest friend and some belly pictures?? That is, if you even have one yet!