Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Next Stop PROVO!!

After Red Fish we took off to visit my sister Desi and her husband Nate and there daughter Sydney! We basically vegged out there and shopped! Two of my favorite things! We were only there for a few days but while we were there one of my best friends growing up- Kristin (Allen) Sanchez- who is starting out in photography took some family pics of us and one year pictures of Addison! She did an awesome job and if anyone wants her number just ask me! Here is also a picture of Des, Nate and Syd.


Nate, Des & Sydney said...

wait a minute! there is no picture of us! i love the pictures that kristin took. They look awesome- or you guys look awesome. I cannot wait to see them all!

OUR FAMILY said...

So Sorry! I'll get one up there some where! hehe

Nate, Des & Sydney said...

Hey I checked out the rest of them on Kristins blog- very cute. I was just kidding about our picture! but hey- still send me th elink to see them all.

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...


Thank you again for letting me take pictures for you! It was really nice to know that even if I did a horrible job you would still love me anyway!