Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First stop RedFish!!

Once nursing school was out for the rest of summer, we started our little excursion to Red Fish Lake with Brandon's family. We had a great time as we spent the week at that beach, hiking, wakeboarding, playing games and Eating!! One day we ran into a family of deer, (not literally) that had three fawns. Another day we hiked up to the Lily pond and the waterfalls. The water was a little cold but a nice cool down after being in the hot sun! Addison surprisingly didn't mind the temperature and she also loved to watch the chipmunks and squirrels run around. One day we heard Addison out side start to cry, worried someone ran out there to find her standing alone with a chipmunk staring up at her! We assumed it was waiting for more food, but I scared Addi to death.. she was frozen! At the end of the trip it was work packing up the cabin but still all of it was gorgeous so relaxing to be in nature!

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